Busia County intensifies covid-19 vaccination campaigns

The County Government of Busia through the Department of Health and Sanitation has intensified Covid-19 vaccination to strengthen efforts towards the management of the pandemic.

This follows the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign at Adungosi market in Teso South Sub County that targeted to scale up the number of persons vaccinated in the County.

The County Expanded Program on Immunization Logistician Juliet Kilima said that a total of 22,944 people have been vaccinated from July 22nd to 27th, 2022.

She said that 12,080
people have received the 1st dose, 4951 (2nd dose) while 6033 have received the booster dose.

She however expressed concern over the issue of myths and misconceptions that have discouraged some locals from getting the jab despite the importance of the vaccine in suppressing the disease.

She urged residents to support efforts by the County and the National Government in bolstering the fight against Covid-19.

The Deputy County Nurse Lucy Amai said that people should take advantage of the vaccination exercise that is being offered free of charge across the County, adding that the vaccine will protect them from severe Covid-19 disease and deaths.

“It is better to protect yourself from the Covid-19 disease by getting vaccinated than exhausting resources to get treatment after being attacked by the disease,” she said.

Local residents have commended the healthcare workers for their efforts in ensuring that they are vaccinated to get herd immunity.

“We are quite happy that vaccination has been devolved for us to access the services without difficulty,” said Robert Wanjala.

Photos: Healthcare workers administer Covid-19 vaccine to a patients.

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