How notorious billionaire Ramesh Kurji Visram bruise government agencies, corporates and individuals and walk away unscathed

At face value, he looks very humble, down to earth and harmless, but fall for the deception at your own peril.Shrewd billionaire contractor Ramesh Kurji Visram is a man you would not want to rub shoulders with, he is well connected, thanks to his wealth and underground dealings with selected influential citizens.He boasts of being able to access any office in the land whenever he wants to and has close, but invincible links to the police force, the judiciary and prosecutors, making it very difficult to win any case against him. He also uses them to terrorize genuine or imagined enemies in his business.He is also fond of tagging in the Hindu Community to his aid whenever in trouble, to help him navigate through his problems either by offering moral or financial support to him.The government in many occasions tried to question his suspicious dealings, but he always find away of slipping away from the long arm of the law, thanks to the help of selected crime busters in his payroll, who act as his informers and always tip him off, making him ahead of the game at all times.Ramesh who is the owner of the Cementers construction firm, has been on the radar of several investigation agencies following numerous complaints on some of the shoddy projects he has been carrying out in the country and abandoning some mid way after collecting his loot.A case in point is a letter by the Industrial Area Business Community who have complained to the Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia on the substandard work being carried out by Ramesh along Likoni Road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.The work on the two-kilometer stretch was awarded by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority in 2019 and to date, companies like the UK-based British American Tobacco (BAT) cannot access their premises, leading to millions of losses in taxes which would be due to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).At Kura, Ramesh openly boasts to have pocketed Engineer Jacinta Mwangi, a director of Urban Roads Planning and Design, Engineer Jackson Magondu and Engineer Benson Kariuki in charge of Nairobi, hence nothing can be done, despite the fact that he has only done 30 per cent of the work on Likoni Road.At the DCI offices he boasts of having pocketed a top crime buster and at the Milimani Courts in another almost similar case involving him and international firm MultiChoice Africa, where charge sheets have changed severally to suit him and sensitive files disappeared.A close friend and ally to the late Sunil Behal of rishan Behal and Sons Ltd, another notorious contractor, Ramesh and his partners Dipak Hilai and Dhamji Premji Mepa are also on the radar of the ministries of Interior and Transport and Infrastructure after some Asian tycoons in both Kenya and Uganda complained about their illicit trade across the border.Ramesh is believed to be very close to Deputy President William Ruto’s private secretary Farouk Kibet who is alleged to be collecting millions of dollars from the City tycoon to finance UDA campaigns across the country.Most of Ramesh clients who include government agencies, and private firms like Landmark and Multichoice, just to name a few, have repeatedly complained about poor workmanship that has led to numerous commercial buildings collapsing in the city, due to poor structural viability.

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