Judging League Quality Beyond Prize Money: The True Measure of Success

The recent challenges faced by the FKF Premier League have ignited debates surrounding the quality of the league. Critics often base their judgment solely on the lack of a substantial prize fund for winning the league. However, it is essential to look beyond monetary rewards and consider the broader context in which the league operates. The FKF Premier League’s true quality lies in the resilience of its teams, the dedication of its players, and the positive steps taken by the federation to improve the sport in challenging circumstances.

The Impact of FIFA Ban and Sponsorship Withdrawals

This season, the FKF Premier League faced a significant setback when the federation was banned by FIFA. This ban not only affected the league’s operations but also led to the withdrawal of sponsors and broadcast partners. The sudden departure of sponsors and the absence of a broadcasting deal created financial hardships for the league. However, it is important to recognize that these challenges were not within the control of the FKF. Instead of solely blaming the federation, we should acknowledge their efforts in managing the league during these turbulent times.

Supporting Women’s Football

While criticism has been directed towards the FKF for not securing a sponsor for the women’s premier league, it is essential to highlight the federation’s commitment to supporting the growth of women’s football. Despite the lack of sponsors, the FKF took responsibility for covering the match expenses of the women’s premier league teams. This act demonstrates their dedication to promoting gender equality in the sport and fostering a supportive environment for women athletes. It is crucial to appreciate such efforts that extend beyond monetary considerations when evaluating the quality of a league.

Potential Progression and Positive Steps

Prior to the FIFA ban and government interference, the FKF was making significant strides in improving the league. Financial support to clubs had increased, and prospects for further growth were promising. Unfortunately, external factors disrupted this progress, resulting in setbacks for the federation’s plans. Nevertheless, we should acknowledge that the FKF had been working towards a positive trajectory and would have likely achieved further success had circumstances not intervened. It is unfair to judge the quality of the league solely based on temporary setbacks that were beyond the federation’s control.

Beyond Prize Money and Measuring True Quality

The true quality of a league should not be solely determined by the monetary rewards it offers. While a substantial prize fund is undoubtedly desirable, it does not define the essence of a league. The FKF Premier League should be evaluated based on its ability to provide a platform for talented players, create opportunities for development, and foster a competitive environment. The dedication of the teams, the passion of the fans, and the resilience of the players are all essential aspects that contribute to the league’s quality.


When evaluating the quality of the FKF Premier League, we must not overlook the challenging circumstances it has faced. The absence of a significant prize fund and sponsorship deals should not overshadow the positive steps taken by the federation to support the league. We should recognize the efforts made to sustain the women’s premier league and the potential progression that was halted by external factors. True quality lies beyond mere financial considerations and can be found in the determination of the teams, the commitment of the players, and the overall growth and development of the sport.

Kenn Okaka is the media and communications officer at Football Kenya Federation

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