Rose Tata lauds Harambee Stars coach Firat for going out of way to support Kenyan sports in general

Kenya’s first female athlete to participate at the World Athletics Championships 400m hurdles, Rose Tata Muya has lauded Harambee Stars Head Coach Engin Firat for going out of his way to support Kenyan sports in general, despite his main mandate being the national men football team.

This is after Firat speared a Memorandum of Understanding between the Turkish Athletics Federation and Athletics Kenya, that would see the two entities work together to realize greater goals.

“Turkey and Kenya are friendly countries that are very close to each other. In fact, Kenyan-born athletes have a big share in the success of Turkish athletics in recent times,” Rose Tata said.

She added: “We want to turn this closeness into a good cooperation. This can be at the youth level or elite athlete level with all kinds of program sharing. Camps can be held in the two countries. Let us help each other to reach the top in world athletics. I would like to thank Engin Firat, the head coach of the Kenya national football team. In addition to what he is doing with our national team, he helped the athletics federations of the two countries to come into close contact again as a volunteer sports ambassador.”

Tata said she was anticipating good cooperation between the two federations.

“I would like to convey my greetings to Faith Cintimar, the president of the Turkish Athletics Federation, and wish good cooperation,” Tata said

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