Rwandese woman pardoned for murder allegations arrested in fake gold scam

A Rwandese woman who was in November 2018 sentenced to life in jail after being found guilty of killing her love rival but later freed has been arrested in Nairobi for fraud.

Antoinette Uwineza, alias Micheline Uwababyyi, was arrested by detectives from Central Nairobi after they lured a foreigner into the country on the pretext of selling him gold. Uwineza was on November 1, 2018, imprisoned for life by HC Court Judge J. Lesiit after the court ruled that she had killed her compatriot, Winnie Uwambaye together with her seven-month-old baby, over a boyfriend of European descent.

However, in September 2020, the Court of Appeal reversed the lower court’s ruling, saying Uwineza’s sentencing was arrived at without the prosecution proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the convict killed Uwambaye. Uwambaye’s lifeless body was on February 16, 2013, found at Saharan Lodge on Duruma Road in Nairobi.

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