Sharp increase in HIV infections among the 24 – 35yr old in Kenya as use of condoms decline

New estimates from the National AIDS Control Council now confirm that HIV infection among 24 to 35 year olds is increasing at at alarming rate, only about two months when data showed in December that 42 percent of new HIV infections in the country are prevalent among adolescents and Young people aged 15-24 years.
It’s even worrying according to the NACC that condom use in the country is low among the teenagers even as the deficit of the latex commodities stand at 15 million a month from the 30 million requirement in the same period. This means that teenage pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections are highest among members if this age group. “For every teen pregnancy there was an unprotected sex and violation of children rights,” NACC noted calling on more attention between the ages; 10-14.
“This is the group that has refused to use condom, despite being the single most tool for preventing unwanted pregnancies and HIV prevention,” the statement reads.

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