UDA Diaspora leader defends PS Roseline Njogu’s Tireless Efforts to Empower Kenyans Abroad

In a show of support, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Diaspora leader, Danson Mukile, has come forward to defend Principal Secretary Roseline Njogu of the State Department of Diaspora Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs. This follows a trending Twitter conversation over the weekend where some dissatisfied Kenyans in the diaspora criticized Njogu for allegedly engaging in activities that favored certain interests.

Mukile, who resides in Washington D.C, USA, labeled the direct attack on the PS as immature and unnecessary. In a statement, he clarified that the State Department for Diaspora Affairs collaborates with other government ministries, departments, and agencies to address diaspora-related issues. Njogu, a diaspora herself, has been at the forefront of addressing such matters since assuming office. She has actively involved her colleagues, as mandated by the State Department for Diaspora Affairs.

“PS Roseline Njogu is well acquainted with the diaspora, given her own experience. That’s why President William Ruto entrusted her with spearheading the diaspora agenda within the national development framework. Ms. Roseline has witnessed her compatriots fall victim to unscrupulous individuals claiming to represent diaspora interests, and as a result, she is tirelessly working to streamline the challenges faced by the diaspora,” stated Mukile.

Mukile highlighted Njogu’s unwavering commitment to justice by addressing unfair treatment of Kenyans seeking employment opportunities in the Middle East. He emphasized her determination to bring about change by engaging with various diaspora groups, associations, and organizations in accordance with the mandates of the State Department for Diaspora Affairs.

Utilizing her intelligence, charisma, and profound understanding of the diaspora’s struggles, Njogu has diligently researched best practices for immigrant communities, established connections with diplomats and experts, and sought advice from diaspora organizations representing different niches. Mukile commended Njogu’s selfless dedication, which has garnered attention from foreign government officials and influential figures within the diaspora community. Whenever the president visits the diaspora, Njogu ensures he interacts with the community.

“PS Roseline Njogu has become an emblem of hope, resilience, and progress for Kenyans residing abroad. She approaches every step with seriousness as she formulates plans for the department. Those with concerns can directly reach out to her for clarification, as she is readily available to respond to issues promptly. The department is also open whenever there are concerns from the diaspora,” affirmed Mukile.

Mukile urged an end to the online attacks and called for unified support for Njogu in delivering the Diaspora Kenya Kwanza PLAN. He added, “PS Roseline’s legacy will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those she has touched. It is time for the entire Kenyan diaspora to unite and support her unwavering commitment and efforts to protect fellow Kenyans abroad, inspiring generations to come and reminding them of their power to create change and build a better future for all.”

Headline 2: UDA Diaspora Leader Danson Mukile Stands Firmly Behind PS Roseline Njogu’s Resolute Mission to Empower Kenyans Overseas.

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