Abagusii community will defend Omanga from criminal perverts and political blackmail, says Nyamweya.

Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president and seasoned politician Sam Nyamweya has come to the defense of Internal Security Cabinet Administrative Secretary Millicent Omanga, whose nude videos have been doing rounds in the social media for the last two days.

In what has been keeping the country’s gossip mills running since Monday evening and may go on for some time, Omanga’s images and videos allegedly recorded by her distraught lover after having her ‘roscoco’ have been shared and are spreading like bush fire to a point that she was the most talked about subject on twitter at some point.

“I have noted with concern a video clip that is being shared on social media platforms profiling and boy-shaming Interior Cabinet Administrative Secretary Millicent Omanga.  

I condemn this vile, criminal and perverted plot by a twisted mind to blackmail and besmirch not only the character of Hon Omanga, a respectably married woman and a national leader but also the Abagusii community,” Nyamweya said.

He added: “As a community, we see this as part of the evil to blackmail and destroy one of the country’s top female leaders who has with unequalled boldness stood out by confronting sexual, body-shaming and other despicable stereotypes that denigrate and undermine emerging women to deny them their space in national leadership.”

Nyamweya who played a key role in organizing the tour of Kisii by President William Ruto recently, said the Abagusii community will not accept the dark-minded and technologically distorted attack aimed at misrepresenting Hon Omanga’s moral probity to ruin her family and political standing. He call upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to get to the bottom of the matter and bring to book the perpetrators of this crime.

“As a senior member of the Abagusii community, I will mobilise all resources at our disposal, both legal and otherwise, to unearth the criminal perverts behind the dastardly blackmail. I urge Hon Omanga to remain unfazed in the face of such an outrageous attack, one of the many she has endured since her entry into the political leadership space.  We will stand by her,” Nyamweya said.

He added: “The attack on Hon Omanga is not only against her but on all women of Kenya and our community. Even as I commend Suba North MP Hon. Millie Odhiambo and Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu for condemning the body-shaming and criminal act, I call upon all women and people of goodwill to speak out against such a vile plot against Hon Omanga and other women leaders.

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