Police thwart Al-Shabaab’s planned attacks in Lamu Country

Security personnel have arrested Mustafa Khalib Muhumed, a resident of Bura East Sub-County in Tana River County for providing sensitive information to Al Shabaab in order to facilitate their terror operations in the North Eastern Region (NER), Tana River and Lamu Counties.

The subject story confirms the police reports and investigations that Mustafa has over time been supplying the Somalia based Al-Shabaab terror group with information and in return receiving payments for the services.

At the time of his arrest the subject had just delivered a detailed surveillance report about a security installation for attack. Muhumed had detailed to his Al Shabab handlers the routes used by security personnel from the camp, had provided a map of the areas adjoining the camp and provided probable escape routes to be used by the militants who would execute the attack against the security camp.

He had also been tasked to report on security operations in North Eastern and Lamu County in order to facilitate Al-Shabaab IED attacks and ambushes against Kenya’s security personnel.

His most crucial task was to spy on the LAPPSET project one of Kenya’s key ongoing infrastructure development program for possible attacks by the Somalia based militants with the aim of sabotaging the progress/completion of the multimillion dollar endeavor, which is set to open the region and connect several countries in the horn of Africa. He had mapped the progress of the project, the contractors/labourers working on the project, the sites where material/equipment of the project were stored and the military/security installations/personnel guarding the project.

He was also following up on the movement of political leaders for possible kidnapping and ransom missions to bolster the terror group’s financial base.

At the time of his arrest Muhumed was also found to be in possession of spying glasses and cameras that he was using to gather data on possible targets.

He was also found with violent extremism content and material, which he propagated to unsuspecting youth on online platforms to lure them into joining terrorist groups.

It was also established that Muhumed had recruited a vast network of witting and unwitting participants to help him meet the numerous demands from his terrorist handlers whom the Police are also currently pursing.

Further, according to police report, Mustafa is believed to have provided Al-Shabaab with information that assisted the terror group to carry out attacks at LAPSSET construction site at Kwa Omollo where a lorry, three motorbikes were burnt and seven civilians killed on 11.03.2022.

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