Teso county needs unity of all leaders, says deputy governor Arthur Odera

Teso County needs unity of all leaders to achieve our cherished dream, Busia Deputy Governor, H.E Arthur Odera has revealed.

Speaking at Moding Primary School during sporting activities on ChrisTmas eve, H.E Odera noted that to fight for Teso County it should be fought in Nairobi considering that it will be passed in parliament.

“The select committee will take the bill to the House for debate and it will need two-thirds majority for it to sail through, thus the need to lobby for its passage,” he said.

The Deputy Governor defended Governor, H.E Paul Otuoma dismissing that he does not need Teso County.”What leaders need is unity of purpose to actualize the dream.”

He added: ” Getting two-thirds majority is very difficult. We should encourage our two legislators to lobby their colleagues to guarantee the passage of the bill, sanctioning the creation of Teso County.

Odera said Article 188 of the Kenyan Constitution is clear. The boundaries
of a county may be altered only by a resolution–

(a) recommended by an independent commission set up for that purpose by Parliament; and
(b) passed by–
(i) the National Assembly, with the support of at least two-thirds of all of the members of the Assembly; and
(ii) the Senate, with the support of at least two-thirds of all of the county delegations.

(2) The boundaries of a county may be altered to take into account–

(a) population density and demographic trends;
(b) physical and human infrastructure;
(c) historical and cultural ties;
(d) the cost of administration;
(e) the views of the communities affected;
(f) the objects of devolution of government; and
(g) geographical features.

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