Online piracy leads to Sh 92b losses, MultiChoice Kenya says as they host a content showcase

MultiChoice Kenya, a leading entertainment and pay TV provider in the country has called on more Kenyans to support and grow local content in the country during this year’s media content showcase at The Windsor Golf & Country Club. Click this link to start gaming and stand a chance of winning big with Meridianbet.

The firm yesterday announced that online piracy through illegal streaming of football matches had led to Sh 92 billion in annual losses in the country and Sh 252 million in losses daily.

According to Nzola Miranda, Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya: “As Kenya’s most loved storyteller, we are dedicated to spotlighting the incredible creativity and talent inherent in our nation. We are witnessing a shifting trend in our viewers’ preferences towards locally produced content. Several of our recent local productions have been recognized at the Women in Film Awards & the Kalasha International TV & Film Market Festival & Awards.

Some of the top local shows that have been recognized in the last few weeks include ‘Kam U Stay’ for Best TV Comedy, Zari, for Best TV Drama, and “The Death of a Kenyan Heiress” episode of ‘The Last Door’ show by veteran journalist John Allan Namu that won in the Best Documentary Feature category.

“We see a huge opportunity to grow and deepen the local content ecosystem by supporting our very own and watching locally produced shows. This way, we will create more employment in the creative industry and ensure that we are consuming our content. Nigeria and Tanzania are leading the way in this front and it’s time we challenged ourselves as Kenyans and tapped into this opportunity,” noted Nzola Miranda, Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya.

During the media content showcase, Mr. Miranda emphasized the company’s dedication to fostering and promoting Kenyan narratives on a global stage noting that as Kenya’s most loved storyteller, producing and supporting local content is at the cornerstone of what MultiChoice Kenya is rooted in.

“Our substantive investments in local content – over 500 hours annually, underscore our dedication to shaping the local film industry. We urge more Kenyans to embrace local productions, we will continue producing content that speaks to the hearts of our viewers in their languages,” added Mr. Miranda.

On his part, Elisha Kamau, Public Relations Manager, MultiChoice Kenya noted: “We remain committed to leveraging our resources, partnerships, influence, and content library to bring our customers the best in local content. We are looking forward to telling more local stories by our people in our language and style.”

Among the key dignitaries that attended the event include Zari actresses Sarah Hassan and Brenda Hassan and Kam U Stay producer Damaris Irungu.

Media content showcase is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and catalyze the evolution of our media landscape, ensuring that Kenyan voices are heard far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

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